Parafield Gardens – Salisbury

compact patios

Compact patios doesn’t mean you can’t create the space you’re after. It just needs a little imagination and multi-purpose areas.

Stoneware Ebony Granite Wall Cladding 1200 x 600 - Dave Ashby DMK Paving

Built-in seating

By incorporating built-in seating uses less space as it minimises furniture.

Our Stoneware products can be used for paving and cladding, for a cohesive look.

Multi-purpose it

Make your space multi-purpose by creating dual purpose spaces, like this pizza oven with built-in seating and firewood storage. It’s functional but looks impressive.

EuroClassic and Versaloc alfresco
Versasmooth Garden Wall - Ivory

Garden Walls

Compact garden walls against your fencing with lush green foliage can help open up the space with the contrasting colours.

Plant more than flowers

By planting dwarf fruit trees and veggies means your space can provide you with more!

It can also feel very rewarding growing your own produce.

Miniwall Veggie Planter Blocks - Bondi Blend
Stoneware Streaky Floor Tiles

Illusion of space

Large format pavers and tiles plus lighter colours give the illusion of making a space look bigger.

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